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Last Valentine’s day with my husband.

January 24, 2014

Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday.

My first Valentine’s day with Andy was my favorite. We slept late, went out for breakfast at noon, then went to a pottery shop and painted ceramic mugs.
He loved me, and I knew it and it was nice.

Last Valentine’s day, I found out about our first miscarriage. That one wasn’t fun.

Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday, but I know others aren’t as lucky.
I was in high school once. There were a few years my heart was broken because the boy I liked didn’t bring me flowers. The whole day stings a little bit if you don’t have someone special to share it with. We’ve all been in a classroom listening to the pretty girls tell their pretty friends about what their pretty boyfriends have planned for the day. We’ve all felt the sinking feeling when the flower delivery wasn’t for you, there was no sweet note in your locker, no one called to invite you anywhere…

I don’t want my little girl to put all of her heart into one day like so many young girls do.
That’s why this Valentine’s day will be the last one I spend with my husband.

Ok get your gasp out of the way.
You alright?

From now on, I want every Valentine’s day to be the best Daddy-daughter date of the year. I want him to bring her flowers and take her out for dinner. I don’t care if she’s not old enough to remember. She’ll be a teenager one day and roll her eyes at a dinner date with her Pops, but it’s going to happen anyway. I want this to be all she knows.

Because I don’t want her to ever be empty.
I want her to know how a boy is supposed to treat her and respect her.
She has so much to learn from her daddy and I’d be selfish to keep him to myself for the rest of our lives.

So. I’ve got a few weeks to plan the greatest Valentine’s day ever.
It’ll be my last one until Nora starts dating, which will probably be in like 40 years.

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